Old friends, new friends, share a beer that stays in your memories through the years.


Unique to VERTERE

Beer Café VERTERE brews its own craft beer in Okutama, amid the lush natural environment of western Tokyo’s mountain forests.

Here you can enjoy this special beer as well as the sensations of surrounding nature.

Or, take home as much as you want, for enjoyment indoors or outdoors.

How about a special new beer experience?


Beer Café VERTERE is just 30 seconds on foot from Okutama staion.

Address: Tokyo-to, Nishitama-gun, Okutama-machi, Hikawa 212

Phone: 0428-85-8590

Seats: 30

Hours:Mon, Tue and Fri 14:00-21:00

Sat, Sun and Holiday 11:00-22:00



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July 2015 – Opening of Beer Café VERTERE

December 2015 – VERTERE obtains license to brew happoshu (low-malt) beer

March 2016 – Launch of craft beer at VERTERE

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